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What is Pass Plus?

Pass plus is a driving scheme for newly passed drivers to improve their anticipation, awareness and planning skills. The scheme was developed by the Driving Standards Agency with the help of motor insurance companies and driving schools, to help newly passed drivers to enhance their existing skills and gain a better understanding of road safety.
Sadly statistics show that new drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a road accident within the first year. This is why insurance premiums are very high for new drivers. Pass plus is recognised  by most insurance companies; if you complete the Pass plus course you will get a discount on insurance premiums. After completing all six modules of Pass plus your instructor will certify your performance at either achieved or exceeded standard. There is no test at the end of the course; however you will be assessed continuously by your instructor. You need to finish all 6 modules to complete the course.


Module one = Introduction & Town Driving:

Driving in town can be frustrating you will be taught how to deal with complex junctions in the town and city center during the rush hour.




Module two = All Weather Driving:

Driving in various weather conditions requires experience and skill. You will be taught how to deal with dangers of driving in ice, snow, fog, wind, rain and bright sunshine. Learn the skills to drive safely in all weather conditions which you’ll find on the roads in the years coming ahead.


Module three = Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads


Driving in rural & country roads can hold all types of hazards, for example, narrow lanes, sharp bends, hidden junctions, farm tractors, potholes and animals on the road. Having the right skills will help you deal with the hazards situation appropriately.


Module four = Night Driving

Dealing with dazzling lights, judging distance & speed of other road users. Using your lights correctly are just some of the thinks covered in this module. You will have limited vision at night and therefore less information is available to you. You will be taught how to make use of all the information & what you see.


Module five = Dual Carriageway Driving

You will need greater anticipation, awareness, concentration & observation when driving in fast moving traffic. You will be taught how to drive safely and confidently on fast moving multi lane dual carriageways and build up on the knowledge and skills you already have.

Module six = Motorway Driving

Driving on motorway with a provisional licence is illegal and therefore when learning to drive you’re driving instructor will not have taken you on the motorway. The Pass Plus scheme is designed to give you a real insight on motorway driving. Driving on motorway demands greater anticipation, awareness, concentration & planning when driving in fast moving traffic.


These are some of the areas covered in this topic.

Joining & leaving the motorway – Break down & recovery on motorway – Reading the motorway signs – Contraflow & road works on the motorway – Debris & crosswind – Land discipline.