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Ace Driving School provides cheap but quality driving lessons. we offer cheap driving lessons with fully qualified driving instructors. The block booking driving lessons are probably the cheapest in the area. we offer cheap driving lessons in both manual and automatic vehicles.



Someone who is new to driving or has very little or no knowledge about driving a vehicle. You will be taught everything you need to know about driving. Our driving instructor will start teaching you from the basic and get you ready to pass your practical driving test. Making you become a safe and confident driver for life.


You pay for a block of lessons in a single payment to your instructor then book the driving lessons when it’s convenient to you. Block booking courses are to save you money and time.


Crash course (also knows has intensive driving course) is for a person who wants to pass their driving test quickly. These courses take 2 – 5 weeks. You may take 10-15 hours of driving lesson each week.


Refresher driving course is for any person who wants to improve their driving skills. One of our highly experienced instructors will help you resume confidence in driving. The duration of the refresher course varies depending on the person, majority of the time it’s about 8-10 hours of driving. Refresher driving course may be needed for various reasons such as:

• Someone who has taken a long break from driving and lost confidence.
• Someone who wants to improve their driving skills.
• Someone who has got driving assessment test (this could be for a driving job)
• Someone who has a foreign licence and exchanged it for a UK licence.
• Someone who is finding it hard to drive in London because of fast moving traffic etc.
• Someone who may want to teach a family member how to drive a car.